This image shows the structure of the brow. It demonstrates where the brow should start, where the arch should be, where the tail of the brow should finish and how high/low the brows should be placed.
Here is our step by step process on how to get your "Brows On Fleek"

Each step uses different products and tools. Not all steps need to be followed in order to create your preferred brows.

Step 1

Brush brow hairs up and into your preferred shape.

Most eyebrow pencils have a brush on the end. If they don't you can use a spoolie for this.

Step 2

Fill in brows using small strokes to mimic brow hairs.

There are various products on the market for this step. These are brow pencils, powders and pomades.

Step 3

Use a brow gel to set your brows in place.

You can use a clear brow gel for this or you can use tinted gels to match your brow colour.

Brow Define
Brow Define

Our Ultimate Brow Define pen has a slimline pointed tip to contour and fill in your brows with controlled artistry for perfect arches. Add shape, colour and definition in one streamlined tool, and use the brush on reverse tip to … Read More

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Dual Brow Perfect
Dual Brow Perfect

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Maat Dark Temptress Palette
Maat Dark Temptress Palette

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